Interpreter Training Resources

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Starting Work

Passing an accreditation test
Accreditation test tips Problemas en los tests : AIB

EU testing tips (ITR) EU accreditation test tips

A letter from the exam jury! (Interpreters' Soapbox)
EU 'Testing times' film and tips
The ideal candidate for the EU

Tips Getting started / Comment debuter
Graduated? What next? Glendon blog

Tips for working with more experienced interpreters
Eloquent detective (Dick Fleming)
Tips from a Chief Interpreter
AIIC Vega for young interpreters Preparation

Starting out at the UN in Geneva 2010 How to become a UN interpreter Booth manners

Practical stuff
How to set your rates (the Professional Interpreter)
Negotiating your rates (AIIC)
Know what and how to charge for your services

Get your professional image online right (the Professional Interpreter) What does your email address tell potential employers about you?

Book - how to become a successful interpreter

First contracts check-list (AIIC)

Managing work offers, options etc

Why do I need a brand? AIIC/Poger
How to get more work - AIIC/Poger?

Social media tips for interpreters (AIIC)
Social media DOs and DON'Ts  for interpreters

Jobs & internships
AIIC Guidelines on internships
Monster Internships List

Interpreter internships at the UN European Parliament internship European Commission study grants

EU Commission on interpreting as a career Jobs at AIIC

Geneva International Model UN Model EU 2017

Volunteer interpreting ICVolontaires
Babels - Social Forums

Your experiences A successful student Temoignage d'un jeune interprète diplômé 2014 de l'ISIT à Paris  
Junge Dolmetscher bei der EU Interview with recent successful graduate
First day at work

Temoignage d'un diplômée 2015
Temoignage 2012

Freelancing in Brussels - EU Commission podcast
Practising AFTER you've started working

Miscellaneous What to expect - The Whisperers - documentary

Buy this film here.

Working for the European Parliament
EU Commission videos
A intern's tale
A Day in the Life of an interpreter (BBC) A day in the life of an interpreting: Monterey

Meet a UN interpreter


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