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Assessing sim.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

  EU Commission Simultaneous training
Reading tips

About Sim
Tout ce vous avez toujours voulu savoir...
Sim kit - A Word in your Ear

Presentation Exercises to improve intonation in SIM
Does intonation matter?
The importance of silence

Reformulation When to start speaking in sim
Reformulation ideas Shifting clauses around
Reformulation strategies - Gile

Using Register 2 Reformulation exercises

Practising simultaneous

split attention exercise
Starting with SIM - ORCIT
Dummy booths
Simultaneous exercises
Tips for using dummy booths Grammar and Sim.
Schluessel zum Erfolg

Assessing simultaneous
Log books A log book

Booth behaviour Manners in the Booth (Taylor Bouladon)
Booth manners (AIIC) Booth Behaviour (Bowen)

Booth Manners, Matthew Perret (A word in your Ear)
Booth manners podcast @Troublesome Terps

Exam tips EU Commission - Testing times 1 EU Commission - Testing times 2

Test tips for UN in Geneva

Tips and tricks for SIM
Miscellaneous Coping tactics - Gile Coping tactics - Magalhaes
Example of professional sim EN-PT
TIPS for beginners - dealing with nerves and more... Simultaneous with text - EU Commission podcast

Tips for beginners - Indonesia Know thy speaker!



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