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Reading about simultaneous

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On this page you will find a brief introduction to some of the more useful texts published on simultaneous interpreting.

This page is work in progress, so if you have found something you think should be here drop us a line.



Simultaneous - books
Conference Interpreting Explained.

Jones, Roderick. 1998 Routledge. Pages 12-70.

THE book! almost all you’ll ever need to know about how to do this job. Available at Amazon & Routledge. You will find a number of extracts, or links to extracts from this book on the site, for example, on when to start speaking in simultaneous.

For a review click here!

To read an interview with R.J. click here!

Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator training

Gile, Daniel, 1995, Benjamins.

Quite technical and aimed at teachers. Students will still find the book very useful - particularly the coping strategies for simultaneous.

Read a review of this book in The International Journal of Interpreter Education

L'interprete dans les conferences internationales

Danica Seleskovitch. 1968, Cahiers Champollion.

This epoch-making book defined the profession at a time when there was almost nothing else in print and Danica Seleskovitch did more than anyone to raise the profile of interpreting. This book remained the benchmark for 20 years and although the language, the attitude and the style have dated a little, it is still a very worthwhile read.

Available here

Available in English as Interpreting for International Conferences: Problems of Language and Communication

Conference Interpreting – Principles and Practice

Taylor-Bouladon, Valerie, Crawford House Adelaide, 2001.

A very interesting, thorough and practical guide. Although aimed at an Australian audience much applies to Europe. Available at Amazon

An extract is on this site at Tips for beginners.

You can also find a review at AIIC's Communicate site.

Author's home page

From Russian into English: An Introduction to Simultaneous Interpretation

Lynn Visson
Read a review here!

A "guide" to the book

Visson RU EN

Conference Interpreting - a student's practice book

Andrew Gillies
One of the 3 parts of this book is devoted to exercises for consecutive interpreting with exercises for each part of the consec skill - delivery, analysis, note-taking etc Available here and at Amazon

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Read a review of this book at

Lesen Sie ein Rezension dieses Buches bei der MDÜ - Fachzeitschrift für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer

Read a review of this book at Saving Babel

Read a review of this book at Australian Review of Applied Linguistics
                          Practice Book

Conference Interpreting
A Complete Course

Robin Setton and Andrew Dawrant
There's a very good material on SIM in this book.

"This comprehensive coursebook sets out an updated step-by-step programme of training, designed to meet the increasingly challenging conditions of the 21st century, and adaptable by instructors with the appropriate specializations to cover all these different applications in contemporary practice "

Interpreting: Techniques and Exercises

Nolan, James, 2005, Multilingual Matters.

Put together by senior UN intepreter James Nolan, offers some good strategies for simultaneous interpreting and interesting exercises to practise the same strategies. You will need Fr, En and Es in your combination to use all the examples though. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 are most useful. The language chapters are least useful. 

Read an extract - a strategy for simultaneous - here!

Read a two reviews here by Lynn Visson & Ingrid Vende

Read a review of this book from the European Commission's interpreting bulletin - SCICnews

Le manuel de l'interprete.

Herbert, J.,1952 Geneve . Georg

Prehistory but still one of few general books about interpreting. Out of print but available in most University llibraries.

Simultaneous Interpretation Challenges

Martin Soriano

Simultaneous Interpretation Challenges is a collection of self-study books with CD ROM, written and published by an AIIC professional conference interpreter. This practical guide consists of audio material and language exercises to guide students through the 13 chapters

Simultaneous - papers
Intonation in the production of and perception of simultaneous interpretation

In Lambert and Moser-Mercer (Eds.). Miriam Schlesinger.

Does intonation matter? You don't believe that natural intonation is such a priority? An empirical study to show that it actual effects what the listener understands.
Assessment of Simultaneous interpreting

Anne Schjoldager. In Dollerup and Appel (eds.)

Schjoldager rightly recognises that the students’ ability to appraise themselves is as important as the teacher comments and offers a framework for doing it.


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