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Reading about Language

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On this page you will a selection of texts that will help you to understand and improve your use of language as an interpreter.

This page is work in progress, so if you have found something you think should be here drop us a line.

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Language acquisition
Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator training

Gile, Daniel, 1995, Benjamins.

Quite technical and aimed at teachers. Students will still find the book very useful - particulary the chapters on Fidelity and Language Acquisition.

Read a review of this book in The International Journal of Interpreter Education

Polyglot: How I learn languages

Kato Lomb
This book was originally written in Hungarian by this pioneer of the interpreting profession in Hungary. It is a mixture of extremely useful ideas, homespun linguistics and entertaining, if outdated, anecdote.

Available at Amazon

Download the complete book as pdf here.

katy lomb

The Art and Science of Learning Languages

Gethin & Gunnemark
A polygot (40+ languages) explains how to go about language learning effectively

Conference Interpreting - a student's practice book

Andrew Gillies
One of the 3 parts of this book is devoted to high-level language acquisition for conference interpreters.

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Lesen Sie ein Rezension dieses Buches bei der MDÜ - Fachzeitschrift für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer

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                          Practice Book

Conference Interpreting - A New Students' Companion

Andrew Gillies, Tertium Cracow, 2004.

Includes language exercises for interpreters

This book has been overtaken by Gillies' far more comprehensive book Conference Interpreting - a student's practice book of 2013 listed above.

Read a review of this book.

Available here

Metaphors we live by

Lakoff and Johnson.

A standard text in linguistics this is a great insight into the metaphor of the English language. Time is not money....until you say it is. 

Available at Amazon

The English Verb

Michael Lewis. LTP Brighton.

English grammar and that of its verbs has always been described using the structures and terminology of Latin, which is totally unsuited to the task. Lewis takes an empirical look at how verbs are used and rewrites the rules so we can understand what verbs actually mean. Brilliant.

Available at Amazon

Mother Tongue

Bill Bryson

A jovial wander through the language and its vagaries. Available at Amazon  

The English Language

David Crystal

English in its many guises, where it comes from, where its going. Fun pop-linguistics. Available at Amazon

Language Myths

Bauer and Trudgill

More popular linguistics. Interesting essays on language issues. Available at Amazon

Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod

Bastian Sick

Wegen dem, braucht man sich gar nicht aufzuregen!! Aber interessant ist es schon.

Zweifelsfaelle aus der deutschen Grammatik erklaert uns der liebe Herr Sick. Available at Amazon

Ojczyna Polszczyzna

Jan Miodek

Rozbawia i informuje uczacych sie polskiego cudcoziemcow, przestrasza polskie dzieci.

Ciekawostki gramatyczne i ich wyjasnienia z jezyka Mickiewicza.

Nie taki jezyk straszny

Jan Miodek

Jeszcze para ciekawostek podobnych.

Jezyk Trzeciego Tysiaclecia


Zbior referatow o wspolczesnym stanie jezyka polskiego. (Np jezyk w reklamach)
Japon! Au pays des onomatopées

Pierre Ferragut

Exemples et éxplications d'onomatopées, instrument souvent utilisé dans la langue japonaise.

Words in Context

Takao Suzuki

Fascinating look at the links between langauge and culture. Full of examples that are real eye openers for the Euro-centric mind .


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