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 Interpreters in fiction

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On this page you will find some works of fiction and film relating to the profession. This page is work in progress, so if you have found something you think should be here drop us a line.



Wortlauber, Sinnverdreher, Brueckenbauer?

Ingrid Kurz (Ed)
Review of a book reviewing interpreters as protagonists in fiction

The Russian Interpreter
The Russian interpreter Amazon

The Interpreter

Suzanne Glass

For a review by Nancy Nicholson click here!

...but perhaps Ken Colgan of the European Parliament interpreting service says it all in his here!

Available at Amazon

Daniel Stein, Interpreter

Ludmila Ulitskaya
read a review here...

and here...

Даниэль Штайн, переводчик


The Interpreter

Suki Kim

Not strictly the business of this site this novel is based around the life and work of a Korean/English community interpreter (rather than a conference interpreter) in New York. The book and the commentary on being an immigrant are interesting - but the little that is said about interpreting is very suspect.

Available at Amazon

Entre Deux Voix

Jenny Sigot Mueller
The story of a young interpreters first steps in the profession...

"J’arrive dans la pénombre. J’ai les joues glacées par le froid. C’est mon premier jour. Je n’ai pas dormi, telle est l’excitation de ces minutes, la première fois que j’allume le micro et que l’on entendra ma voix."
entre deux voix

Wikipedia page on interpreters in fiction
This is the most comprehensive page of (fiction) books and films about interpreting



A great little book of cartoons highlighting the typical and amusing traits of conference interpreters. Click here to see more.

One chapter of this book, by Katja Ridderbusch, is devoted to a staff interpreter in the German booth at the European Commission in Brussels. tross von

Online publications

For a selection of online articles about interpreting visit ITR articles on-line
Video and Film
The Interpreter With Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman. Won't make you a better interpreter but worth watching anyway.

Available at Amazon




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