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Reading about consecutive

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On this page you will find a brief introduction to some of the more useful texts published on consecutive interpreting.

This page is work in progress, so if you have found something you think should be here drop us a line.



Consec - general
Consecutive Interpreting - a short course

Gillies, Andrew, 2019, Routledge
A step-by-step introduction to consecutive interpreting for students and trainers.  Available here.

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gillies consecutive
Conference Interpreting Explained.

Jones, Roderick. 1998 Manchester. Routledge. Pages 12-70.

THE book! almost all you’ll ever need to know about how to do this job. You will find a number of extracts, or links to extracts from this book on the site, for example, on reading back notes

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To read an interview with R.J. click here!

Conference Interpreting - a student's practice book

Andrew Gillies
One of the 3 parts of this book is devoted to exercises for consecutive interpreting with exercises for each part of the consec skill - delivery, analysis, note-taking etc. 

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                          Practice Book

Teaching Consecutive interpreting

Gerard Ilg & Sylvie Lambert
A history of approaches to teaching consecutive

Read the pdf of this article here

Conference Interpreting
A Complete Course

Robin Setton and Andrew Dawrant
There's a very good section on Consec in this book.

"This comprehensive coursebook sets out an updated step-by-step programme of training, designed to meet the increasingly challenging conditions of the 21st century, and adaptable by instructors with the appropriate specializations to cover all these different applications in contemporary practice "
On note-taking
La prise de notes en interprétation consécutive

Rozan, Jean Francois, 1956 Geneve . Georg.

The original and seminal work on consecutive. Has aged well. To see an extract click here. To our knowledge now out of print.

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Notetaking in Consecutive Interpreting

Rozan, Jean Francois, 2003, Tertium.

2 translations of Rozan's classic above - in Polish and English - available here

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Rozan, Jean Francois, Elkar
ISBN: 978-84-8373-994-5
Spanish translation of the same available here...

Langues, Langages et Memoire

Danica Seleskovitch, 1973.
The book version of Seleskovitch's doctoral thesis, one of the first on interpreting.

To find out about the matriarch of the profession click here...

Available at Amazon

Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting - A Short Course

Andrew Gillies, Translation Practices Explained: Volume 8, 2005, St Jerome.

Aimed at students of conference interpreting, whether on university and professional training courses or self-learners, Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting - A Short Course offers future interpreters a step-by-step guide to the skill of note-taking, which forms an essential part of consecutive interpreting. Also available at Amazon.

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Konsekutivdolmetschen und Notation

Doerte Andres, Peter Lang 2002.

Broad empirical study of note-taking by professionals and students. Very useful to see what causes problems and what solves them.

Summary conclusions here.

Schlussfolgerungen in der originalfassung

Consecutive Interpreting

Hiromi ITO-BERGEROT(Professor at ESIT), Chikako TSURUTA and Minoru NAITO (Tokyo Gaigo Daigaku)
tsuruta &

Zhu-bu kou-yi yu bi-ji
[Consecutive interpretation and note-taking].

Liu, Minhua. (2008).Taipei: Bookman.
One of the very few books in Chinese that ITR has seen. This was originally published in 1993 and has recently been revised and republished. minhua liu consec

A Coursebook of Consecutive Interpreting

Wen Ren
In Chinese


Read an extract on reading back notes

Interprétation consécutive et prise de notes

Chuzkakin, Delizée, Godart, Lenglet

chuzhakin et al

Messaggi in codice

Claudia Monacelli, Analisi del discorso e strategie per prenderne appunti, Forli

Great ideas to liven up learning consecutive. Practical and learner friendly.

Read an extract here!


La Terzia Lingua

Garzone, Santulli, Damiani

Can't tell you too much about this one but it's out there and ITR would be happy to receive a brief synopsis for this page

Teaching Consecutive
Gerard Ilg.
 An excellent review of the practises and theories of consec and note-taking over the years, with a useful section on note-taking tricks.

Zapisi v posledovatel’nom perevode. Minjar-Beloručev, P.K. (1997)  Moskva: Stella

Миньяр-Белоручев, Р. К. (1997) Записи в последовательном переводе. Москва: Стелла
A Russian classic but not easy to get hold of!

Bosch 2003

A new (May 2013) book on consec note-taking in Spanish. Available here... and at Amazon

Reviewed here


Handbuch der Notizentechnik fuer Dolmetscher

Heinz Matyssek
For many years the standard teaching book in Germany. It's full of good ideas, but rather goes into overkill on the symbols, suggesting thousands. Chapters on technique are useful.

Available at Amazon

Read an extract (in EN translation) here
Note-taking basics by Matyssek

Between the signs

Judith Farwick
This book looks at the use of symbols in consecutive interpreting. Read a review (in Spanish) here.
On reading back notes
Jones on note-reading The ultimate summary of how it should be won't master it in 5 minutes but a couple of days hard practice should do the trick. (Page 70 of the paper copy.)
Video and Film
European Masters in Conference Interpreting - lectures Lectures from some of the best interpreter trainers around, in video format on this EMCI web page. Not to be missed.