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Cartoons by Clic!

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Munich based colleague Benoit Cliquet, AKA Clic!, has created a book of entertaining cartoons, lampooning some of the traits that working interpreters will recognize in themselves and their colleagues. A few of them are reproduced here. Thanks Benoit!



The proceeds from this book will go towards the AIIC Solidarity Fund.. The fund was created to provide assistance to members who find themselves in need. Applications for aid are most often the result of an illness, an accident or some other unexpected set-back. Recipients are granted an interest-free loan and make a commitment to repay the principal once back on their feet. To find out more about the book you can follow this link to the AIIC site where you can read an article by Benoit himself or to purchase the book and see the rest you can e-mail Benoit by clicking here. 



first day at work...
the post-prandial dip




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