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Academic papers

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The ITR site is really about practical tips for helping you to interpret better, but this page is a concession to the fact that many of you will have to write a thesis at the end of your course and may be looking for some academic material to back up your work. You might even just be interested in reading around the subject, who knows.

Most of what is written about interpreting is published by Benjamins, unavailable online and expensive to buy, so you may find your university library the best place to look. Failing that here are a few useful links to texts to be found published online. They are in no particular order, and ITR makes no value judgement on the texts here. Any bibliographical information missing on this page should be available in detail if you follow the link.

If you know of any more links to academic material please send it in.

Interpreting Research Bulletin Meta
(new issues under password, back catalogue free to view)

Google scholar The Interpreters' Newsletter

AIIC bibliography International Journal of Interpreter Education

Lectures on-line
European Masters in Conference Interpreting - lectures A whole series of lectures about the profession, skills and research from some of the biggest names in the field. Not to be missed!


Note-taking in consecutive interpreting. On the reconstruction of an individualised language

Kurt Kohn & Michaela Albl- Mikasa.
Interpreter’s notes: on language choice. Helle van Dam, Interpreting, 2004, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 3-17(15)
Teaching Consecutive
Gerard Ilg. An excellent review of the practises and theories of consec and note-taking over the years, with a useful section on note-taking tricks.
Hieroglyphen auf dem Blok Ahrens, B., Transrelations 3/02, 2002
Les trois temps de l'interprétation consécutive Summary of a paper by Thiéry, despite what the page suggests!

...for a summary click here!

A psychological approach to consecutive interpretation Garretson
Zur Rolle der Dolmetschnotizen beim Konsekutivdolmetschen Ein Erfahrungsbericht Jana Laukova

La Prise de notes peut-elle détourner une bonne qualité d'écoute

Cognitive processes at
Quality articles at
Intonation in the production of and perception of simultaneous interpretation Does intonation matter? You don't believe that natural intonation is such a priority? An empirical study to show that it actual effects what the listener understands.

Miriam Schlesinger, in Bridging the Gap. Empirical Research in Simultaneous Interpretation. 1994 Benjamins.

Assessment of Simultaneous interpreting. Anne Schjoldager. In Dollerup and Appel (eds.), Teaching Translation and Interpreting 3. 1996 Benjamins

See an extract here!

Grammar and simultaneous Kornakov, P., 2001

Effektives Selbststudium – Schluessel zum Erfolg in der Dolmetscherausbildung. Heine, M., In Kalina, Buhl, Arbogast – Dolmetschen: Theorie – Praxis - Didaktik. Roehriger UniVerlag, 2000.
Das Gedächtnis: Ein Begriff - Viele Interpretationen Zur Anwendbarkeit des Konzepts des Arbeitsgedächtnisses auf das Dolmetschen Katharina Suntrup, 2001
Les exercices d'interpretation et la degradation du francais: une etude de cas Daniel Gile, Meta XXXII 4, 1987
La comunicada no verbal i la didactica de la interpretacion Angela Collada Ais
Consecutive as a tool for language learning J.k.Hill, META XXIV 4
About memory ...and other articles at (That's China!)
Memory training in interpreting - at Translation journal by Weihe Zhong
Dolmetschdidaktik - Selbstreflexion Izabela Podsiadlo
Interpreters in Literature Jesús Baigorri-Jalón


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