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Academic research

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Introducing Interpreting Studies

Franz Poechhacker
A very readable summary of the trends and developments in Interpreting Research since its inception not so very long ago.

Available at Amazon here

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The Interpreting Studies Reader (Routledge Language Readers)

Franz Poechhacker and Miriam Schlesinger (editors)
A compilation of the most significant papers in the field of Interpreting Research.

Available at Amazon here

Read a review of this book at the Journal of Specialised Translation Studies


Routledge Encyclopedia of Interpreting Studies
by Franz Pöchhacker (Editor)
The ultimate book! Clear explanations of what research has shown about hundreds of interpreting-related headwords. Great book! But prohibitively priced!

Deutsch als Konferenzsprache in der Europaeischen Union

Jacquy Neff
Read a review here / Rezension hier

Available at Amazon here

Neff Buch

Interpreting Chinese, Interpreting China

Robin Setton et al
Research papers from China

... at Amazon


Konsekutivdolmetschen und Notation Ursula Gross Dinter

Konsekutiv und Notizentechnik Kruselburger, German PhD

Available at Amazon here


To Know How to Suggest ...: Approaches to Teaching Conference Interpreting Dörte Andres & Martina Behr (eds.)

Great book for interpreter trainers, or anyone looking for a basic introduction to the history of interpreter training and research.

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