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EU reference

General reference

Glossary lists


Preparation and Resources

How to prepare  EU Commission preparation tips - podcast
�C�mo preparar una reuni�n? (film)

Know your speaker! Preparing your terminology
Taylor-Bouladon Preparation Tips Getting the most out of your glossaries
EMCI lecture on preparation for assignments
Recording terminology
Eloquent detective (Dick Fleming) Assignment preparation tips
Preparation tips (Interpreters' Soapbox)

How to prepare for a meeting (AIIC)
Tips for Preparation (AIIC)
AIIC TIPS on preparation

Creating Glossaries
Future-proofing glossaries

(Podcast about Intragloss)
Organising glossaries & notes

General Reference Glossaries at UN Interpreter and Translator resource pages Using Google as a dictionary
CIA factbook BBC country profiles Using Google as a dictionary 2

Using Google as a dictionary 3 - David Walker
Using Google as a multi-lingual encyclopedia the very multi-lingual WIKIpedia
Glossary lists

EU Reference
IATE EU Glossary links at HU forum
European Parliament (EP) fact sheets

Interpreters' Guide to the EU 2010
EU Law explained - blog


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