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 Practice tips
What makes a good interpreter (Dick Fleming) L'étudiant idéale (Claude Durand)
Guide to practising (Chris Guichot de Fortis)

practising SIMULTANEOUS practising CONSECUTIVE Guide d'entra�nement  (Chris Guichot De Fortis)

How to cope with the bad days! Glendon blog Practise interpreting by not interpreting

Self-Practice: EU Commission film

Peer Feedback
Giving feedback - ORCIT Feedback (a student's view)

Peer assessment

Where, how and who with?
WISE practice workshop
Practising AFTER you've started working

InterpreTimeBank About InterpreTimeBank (@A Word in your Ear)

Interpretame interpreting tutorials
Finding dummy booths Practice tips - Gillies

Using your computer as a booth/lab Tips for dummy-boothing Using technology to help you practice - Gillies (film)

Practice material
Where to find practice material Where to find practice material - The Interpreter Diaries ORCIT online training resources

Speechpool Speech repository at the European Commission

FTSK Germersheim YouTube channel

Practice exercises in ES

Online conference video/audio
How to write speeches

About practice
Interpreters should practice every day! (film Elisabet Tiselius)
Der Schluessel zum Erfolg...

What is 'deliberate practice'?
Reading about practice


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