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Getting the most out of your own glossaries

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Most interpreters keep their own notes from meetings, make up vocabulary lists and glossaries, and most realise too late that if it were all in one single file or table it would be much easier to find things in a hurry (or even at all). To help tackle this problem, Robert Gulyas, a colleague from the Hungarian booth at the European Parliament has turned to a little desktop tool he found while browsing the internet.



This text and the tip itself have been borrowed from the excellent Hungarian resource site that Robert has set up. We recommend checking it out, even if you don't have Hungarian.

Hot tip 2: Did you know that you can download the Copernic desktop search software free of charge from the Internet? This tool will enable you to search for a term in all the (glossary) files on your computer simultaneously by highlighting the matches in a preview window without opening the files themselves.




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