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It's not easy writing an interpreting blog: many meetings are confidential, so you can't say very much about what was said; the people listening to you are directly or indirectly your employers, so you can't be too harsh on them; and interpreting is a very small world, a place, a date and a language combination, or a initial, can be enough to identify any interpreter, so you can't say too much about your colleagues either!!

So hats off to those interpreters who've managed

Annika Schlesiger

Apertis Verbis
The Interpreting Coach

Interpreters in Brussels Practice Group
Interpreters on the run

Glendon MCI interpreting blog
Terp-wise (ES podcasts)
Become a conference interpreter!

Translation times
Alexander Drechsel - Occasional ramblings about #1nt


Blog zu Wissensmanagement-Themen für Dolmetscher

Interpreters soapbox (in English & Polish)

Translation, Interpreting and other linguistic matters

Brazilian Interpreter: Ewandro

James Nolan
Getting in on (interpreting and yoga!)

The mute button
The Professional Interpreter (in Spanish)

The working life of a conference interpreter in London

2interpreters (auf deutssh)
Voicelink: Tradução simultânea

From the Azerbaijani booth
Interprenaut: Interpreters' Launchpad

Boots in the Booth (en francais)
The Interpreter Diaries
Aventuras de una traductora-intérprete en Madrid

Musings : Maria Cristina dela Vega
AIIC@Facebook: Interpreting the World

EU institutions@Facebook:  Interpreting for Europe
Tiina (Parlement Europeen entre autres..)

Tolk frans

Alessio Iacovoni on interpreting

In my words : an interpreter and trainer's blog
Don de Lenguas

the Liaison interpreter: a japanese interpreter's blog
The Court interpreter blog

Bootheando: spanish interpreter's blog

Hong Kong interpreter blog

Hong Kong interpreter: Louise

Inactive blogs

Objectif interprete: student interpreter at Westminster

ASBO - an interpreter's blog
EuroDan Grzybek
Naked translations
EMCI Lisbon
BDU - Verband der KonferenzDolmetscher  blog
From our lips to your ears Translator wannabee
Persian blog Japanese Translation and Interpretation blog
Resource centre for Hungarian interpreters How to be an interpreter
A Chinese interpreting blog Interpreters in China

Forums / Fora
Inactive forums

World Association of Arab Translators and Linguists Arabic Translation and Intercultural Dialogue Association
Translators' cafe Interpreters & conference interpreting
Forum français pour interpretes 


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