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Finding practice material

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It may sound like stating the obvious, but the best type of material to practise from is the spoken word. But beware, many of the audio files and web-casts available are of parliamentary debates, which in the early stages of your interpreting courses may be too difficult to be useful.



Don't be afraid to create speeches for each other, or to simplify some of the speeches you will find throught the links on this page.

The transcripts of speeches will be much more useful to you than newspaper articles or texts found on the net because they will have been written with the following in mind - the speaker will be in the same room as his or her audience. It is first-hand, old-fashioned, real communication. As such the style will not be the same as in an essay or an article.

The bottom line is very simple...just type "ministerial speeches" (or words to that effect in the language of your choice) into google. Here is a brief selection for English Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Compilations of links/speeches

Speech repository at the European Commission
The EU Commission gives passwords to schools and teachers, so ask your teachers for one.
A new collaborative site for students to record and share speeches with one another
Speech library at ETI Geneva

Go to Zona de ejercicios for consec and simultaneous speeches in ES & EN
Community wiki of conference recordings you can practice from (at

Student speech library

Join this Yahoo group to share recordings for interpreting practice
Leeds EN IT Interpreting Practice Sessions

FTSK Germersheim YouTube channel

International institutions

European Council live Dry, often boring, but real. Make sure you prepare properly for this - documents, names etc.
UN Assembly webcasts Speeches read out. Probably too difficult for all but advanced students.
Search by this week's date to get topical press conferences and speeches.
European Parliament plenary One week per month only, when the EP meets in Strasbourg.

Many of these are speeches read from prepared texts at speed and will be too difficult to be useful as practice material in the early stages of your course.

Mediathek des deutschen Bundestages
Incredible array of material, an awful lot of it much too difficult to interpret for student interpreters. It is great to listen to and get an idea of how parliaments work
Council  of Europe

European Court of Human Rights

Organisation of American States


Conferences & Summits

2011 Oxford Farming Conference
Munich conference on Security Policy Annual conference on security issues  and kind enough to post the speeches - mostly English.
World Summit on the Information Society


Houses of Parliament UK Go to the archive and search by keyword and then watch and listen to the speeches and debates
Reith lectures Science lectures for the lay-person. Audio files with texts
US - President of Richmond Federal bank's speeches texts and audio files
Lectures at Berkeley
all sorts of great speeches
UCC Cork University lectures
LSE public lectures

Die Politische Rede - Mediacultur online
Samstags Uni Freiburg Lectures and question-and-answer sessions as 90 minute podcasts.

L'Assemblee Nationale
College de France Pick the first lecture in each series as they serve as an intro. The rest are far more difficult than you need to be practising with if you are still studying 
Université de tous les savoirs
Series of dozens of 60-90 minute lectures on fairly technical subjects. Really interesting. Some, but not all lectures could be great sim practice material if selected and prepared properly.
Canal U
Countless lectures in French on all sorts of subjects - podcastable

RU - Putin speeches

Speech transcripts

British embassy Berlin Speech archive including Blair, Straw but also junior Ministers
UK Government speech archive

New Zealand government speech archive Speeches on Climate Change

Vie A fantastic archive of political speeches in French

Sejm polski verbatim records of debates in the Polish Parliament
Reden der Oesterreichischen Praesidentschaft der EU
Reden des Bundestagspraesidents
Reden von Ratsmitgliedern - Schweiz Reden aus der Schweizer Parlament



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