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Here you will find some of the links that you might like to make your "first stops" if you are looking for information on conference interpreting.

The link What you'll find there
AIIC The International Association of Conference Interpreters' website. Too much here to mention it all....the first site you should visit for info on interpreting.
AIIC VEGA Starting work as an interpreter? This should be your first port of call.

Tips, FAQs, and more here.

European Commission - what is interpreting European Commission's Interpreting Service (SCIC) on how different types of interpreting work.
Become an interpreter at the EU Commission

European Parliament - all about interpreting What is interpreting? Careers, competitions and training at the EP
National Network for interpreting (UK)


Translator and Interpreter sites find here a whole range of translator homepages which themselves contain lots and lots of useful links.
Selected articles on-line
ETI (Geneva)'s virtual interpreter training centre


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