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Parallel texts 2

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Reading newspaper articles about the same events/subjects in newspapers of both your A and C languages offers you the chance to see how similar ideas are expressed independently in two languages without interference from the other language. This will be very useful in helping to avoid language interference (calque) when you interpret.



an exercise you can do, and an example of the same to follow,
1. Find newspaper articles on the same subject in two or more different languages (one of which should be your mother tongue)
2. Highlight passages where the same information is conveyed in the different articles
3. Make a note of the equivalent versions for future reference
The two articles below are taken from the Financial Times and Le Monde on the same day in October 2004. Look below at how certain ideas are expressed in the two languages. Remember though, these are just examples of how you might to it, not examples of how you must do it.

The following pairs express the same idea, but are not translations. If you can avoid translating, and use instead, the expressions a native speaker would use when talking about a subject spontaneously and independently your interpretation will benefit.

1 the number of Americans living in poverty ce sont 35,9 m d'Americains qui vivent dans la pauvrete Numbers will come up every day of your interpreting life. The fact that they are expressed diffferently in different languages should not be overlooked unless you which to inflict a lot of calque on your listeners.
2 the number of Americans living in poverty reached 35.9 m in 2003 - an increase of 12.1% le taux officiel de la population vivante dans la pauvrete est passe de 12,1% a...  
3 toujours favorise les nantis au detriment de la classe moyenne et des familles les plus pauvres lavished favours on the wealthy to the detriment of middle and low-income families. It is not politically correct to talk about the class system in the UK and so it is often avoided, as we can see here.
4 du pain benit pour M. Kerry play to the agenda of Mr Kerry English doesn't use a lot of religious metaphor, the French (and others) use them more frequently.
5 Malgre le rebonds de la croissance le revenu moyen des menages n'a pas bouge en 2003, a 43,000$. Despite a swift pick-up in economic growth, Americans real median household income was stagnant at 43,318$.  


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