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Language Acquisition

Strategies for language acquisition Daniel Gile on language acquisition AIIC retour talk series
Using consec as a language learning tool
Perfectionnement linguistique d'apres l'ESIT Shadowing for delivery skills Improve your B language
A technique for vocab acquistion David Walker - 10 ideas for language acquisition

B languages / Langues B
Retour talk: Clare Donovan (ESIT)

Polyglot: How I learn languages. Lomb. Lomb: 10 ideas for language learning
Language enhancement: in my words

Andy Gillies @ A Word in your Ear
Strategies for language learning - Strategies for improved retour - InterpretingCoach

Recording language Recording vocabulary Recording terminology  Language corpora

Is it English? If it isn't here, it probably isn't.

Language Oratorical devices Using different registers Using different registers 2

Parallel texts Parallel texts


Parallel texts 2


Parallel texts 3 



Miscellaneous Books about language & language learning Multilingual press reviews
Podcasts are a fantastic tool, but directories and lists change so frequently that ITR won't link to any.

Revue de presse - ISIT


Create your own newspage with FSS feeds

Economist style guide - English


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