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Where to find symbols

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You can get your symbols from anywhere that suits long as you stick to some basic RULES.. Here are a few ideas.

Only use these symbols if they click in your mind, don't just use them because you've seen them here. You don't have to use the meanings assigned them here either. Symbols should be instantly associated FOR YOU with the meaning you give them.



=  +  >  <  %  /
E   µ   t  
(and more I can't do in html!)
Text messages
L8R  R U OK?  2  etc.
%  &  @  ¶    ™
Punctuation marks
?  !  ( )  "  :  
Vehicle registrations
D  DA  UK  CH  F  
(beware of mixing up China & Switzerland, or Poland and Portugal)
Short words in other languages
so  hi  ta  ok  / bo  ale   juz  /  deja  /  ergo  etc   /  pero  /
$   Y   L   €
Periodic table
Fe    Na   Po    Ag   CO2    CO    NO2    H3SO4

For some more examples of symbols click here... Symbols 1   Symbols 2   Symbols 3   


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