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Note-taking for consec

General principles Note-taking principles according to....J-F. Rozan Noting the idea, not the word
Is there a system for note-taking I can learn?
Advice on note-taking (Smartidiom)
How do notes help? (Andres) Wozu Notizen? (Andres)
Books about note-taking General TIPS Thièry

Ueber Notizentechnik - wikipedia Nos acercamos a las notas (AIB)
Note-taking basics by Matyssek

Picture-based note-taking technique (Geneva/Glendon)
ORCIT on note-taking Symbols basics by Matyssek
EU Commission style
Note-taking with Dick Fleming, EU Commission (film) Nick Roche, EU Commission, on note-taking (film)
Note-taking - Back to basics with Helen Campbell, EU Commission (film)

Note-taking - European Commission Interpreters podcast Note-taking at SCIC
Train 1 
& film 2

Separating Ideas What is an idea? Separating Ideas

Diagonal notes Rozan on diagonal notes

Using Margins Guidelines for the use of margins Noting Link words

Symbols Guidelines for the use of... Examples 1

Examples 2

 Where to find symbols
Dos and Donts of using symbols (Andy Gillies @ A Word in your Ear)
Examples 3 Organic symbols

What to note  Lederer + Seleskovitch Taylor- Bouladon

Roderick Jones

Practising Practice idea

An interpreter explains her notes (Interpreter Diaries) Glendon teacher demonstrates consec and notes - with explanation
note-taking examples
(scroll down the page to find Didine!)

Consecutive note-taking demos @ A Word in your Ear

Examples of an interpreter's consecutive notes

Miscellaneous Note-taking in Consecutive Interpreting -  EMCI lectures
(scroll down to Lang-Note_Taking_Consecutive.m4v)
Ilg - history of teaching consec
Who is Roderick Jones?
UN note-taking tips - interpreting in a refugee context
Noting lists - a trick for relieving the strain on your memory


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