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Example notes

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Below you will find links to two pages in the same thread of the Lokonova forum. Posted by one of the moderators, Didine, they are very good example of clear and simple note-taking.

Even if we can't compare with the original speech we can well imagine, just by looking at these notes, that Didine never has problems reading them back. They are well spaced on the page and have a clear structure. Scroll down the two pages at the end of these links...

Page 1

Page 2

...until you find a list of links that looks like this...

You'll find 10 or so files on each page and the last part of the file names number the files ..01-09.JPG and ..10-22.JPG

Didine is making very good use of techniques that are known to many interpreters, most of them traceable back to Jean-Francois Rozan's book La Prise de Notes dans l'interpretation Consecutive (Note-taking in Consecutive Interpreting).

The page is divided into two vertical columns and you can see examples of diagonal notes, links at the left of the page, lines between ideas in the speech, verticality, the use of a few very versatile symbols (like arrows) etc.

Click here to see these techniques described on this site.

See also books on note-taking


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