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Consecutive Interpreting

Why learn consecutive? (Munroe SCIC)
Why learn consecutive? (Fleming)

A word in your Ear - my consec kit About consec with Dick Fleming(film)
Masterclass with EU Commission trainer Nick Roche

EU Commission training videos - SCIC Train
See a good consec here @ A Word in your Ear! and the notes explained here... EU Commission training podcasts on Consec

Read about consec See another good consec here @ A Word in your Ear! Los pequenos detalles que marcan la gran diferencia en interpretacion consecutiva

EU Commission on Consecutive Training

Presentation Principles Reading back your notes

Astuces et conseils
  Public speaking

Analysis What is analysis anyway? (Glendon)
Recognizing and splitting ideas
3 analysis exercises (film)
A memory and analysis exercise (3.11) Practice exercises
What are LINK words? The impact of links

LINK words How do Links work - Baker
An exercise in joined-up thinking

Noting the idea, not the word What is an idea?

Memory 2 Recall exercises A technique Noting lists - a trick for relieving the strain on your memory

Ejercicios de Memorización
Memory tools

Memory tricks for conference interpreters

Notes Click here! Click here! Click here!

Practising consecutive Principles Schluessel zum Erfolg Sight translation practice
Consec practise exercises: Michagan courts

Log books

Demonstration Consecs at SCICTrain
Fatigue and teamwork in Consecutive Tips from Cracow workshops 2001-4

more about Cracow here
Miscellaneous Tips - Thiéry Test tips for UN in Geneva Exam tips
Know thy speaker! "Simultaneous" Consecutive at EU Commission (p2)

See some real consec (Pink Floyd press conference)
Professional standard consec demos ES-EN
Professional standard consec demos DE-EN

Conseils pratiques pour missions (Ouvrard)


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