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Lectures online

Selected press articles

About interpreting
Qui sont ces interprètes de la Commission Européenne?

What makes a good interpreter (Dick Fleming)
What do we do? BBC interview with interpreter to French Presidents Learning to interpret in China
AIB: About different types of interpreting


UN interpreting 2 (BBC) UN: Head of English interpreting Interpreters at the UN
A day in the life of a UN interpreter Interpreting at the UN (info snippets during a gameshow) COP 15 behind the scenes (film)
Interpreting at the UN (article)
A day in the life of UN interpreters (film) Meet 3 UN interpreters
Interpreting for an EU Presidency Fotos - Somos sus int�rpretes en Bruselas

European Parliament on interpreting EU Commission videos

SCIC Dolmetscher (ZDF)
EU: A Day in the Life of an interpreter (BBC)
Interpreting at the Council of Europe Interpreters at the G20 (Cannes 2011) Interpreter blogs

For and by students
Temoignage d'un jeune interpr�te dipl�m� 2014 de l'ISIT � Paris
The Dark Side of interpreter training
Starting out in Paris 2017

A trainee interpreter's story Starting a course - a blog post A successful student

MCI Laguna students at European Council

Starting out Starting out in Geneva FAQ's at AIIC Vega First day at work
Advice for students 

Junge Dolmetscher bei der EU FAQs en francais

How I became a UN interpreter

Books, films and web-pages A book review of "The Interpreter" e Interpreting Explained"
Nicole Kidman becomes a conference interpreter! The Whisperers - documentary

Buy this film here.

SCIC News on Interpreter Training Resources
A intern's tale

Interpreters Contributors to this site Who is Roderick Jones?

Head of EN interpreting at UN

Meet 3 UN interpreters Jan Krotki by Interpreters' Soapbox
Pawel Paluzchenko (Gorbachev's interpreter interviewed)

Tricks and traps

How to be an interpreter
To say, or not to say...

Academic papers online Interpreting Research Bulletin The Interpreters' Newsletter Meta
  Academic papers online  

AIIC YouTube channel FTSK Germersheim YouTube channel
Other compilations of on-line articles A Word in your Ear (vlog)
The Virtual Training Institute - ETI Geneva Interpreters in the News (AIIC)

AIIC France interpreters in the press

Interview mit einer Dolmetscherin im Bundeswirtschafts-

About interpreters and interpreting at the European Parliament

fr de pl etc...

Miscellaneous Il faut se battre pour d�fendre le fran�ais 2010 Recherche interpr�tes � tout prix 2010
Interpreter in trouble EMCI - lectures online
Fatigue and teamwork in Consecutive
Penurie d'interpretes
Eurobabble (The Guardian)

La Bequille des Romands - at ETI The neutrality of the interpreter - at ETI
From me to EU
Neutrality - John Swales @ A word in your Ear

Zum Reden bestellt, zum Schweigen verpflichtet


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